The World Sport Rankings by Sportspedia is the first collection of reports that assesses and compares sporting excellence across more than 150 sports.

The Sportspedia “100 World Ranking” has the specific scope of classifying the 100 best athletes in the world utilizing quantitative methods exclusively. The bottom line is to determine who are the best athletes for a year, not necessarily “within” a year.

This means that there are two axes: 1. Excellence in performance within a given year relative to competition. 2. Historical significance of the achievements within the year.

For 2020, the Sportspedia “100 World Ranking” list is topped by NBA star LeBron James, and the top 10 includes eight men and two women representing seven countries and eight sports.

The big news for bowling is that Jason Belmonte made the list, claiming the No. 29 position.

You can view the full top-100 list here:

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