Whether it has something to do with the pandemic or just the times we live in, bowling centers across the country have been dealing with abusive customers in alarming numbers.

One such center is Bowl-O-Rama in Portsmouth, N.H., where a conversation over a disputed bill quickly turned into a confrontation with the customer unleashing a profanity-ridden verbal assault on the center’s general manager and co-owner, Andrew Maderios.

It wasn’t the first time the center’s staff has had to deal with unruly guests, some of whom have brought the employees to tears. Finally, according to the Portsmouth Herald, Maderios told his staff: “We’re going to take a stand. This behavior has to stop now.”

So he took to social media, where he posted a surveillance video of the incident, explained what happened, and added: “To be clear: Do not patronize our business if you cannot speak and act with respect, or if there is any chance of you berating our team, yelling like a mad person, threatening, swearing, or (forgive the language) calling our staff derogatory names like (redacted) several times. You will be asked to leave and not return, and the police will be called. We don’t care if you leave a bad review, as every member of this group promised to do. We will, however, work through legitimate issues that arise respectfully. [But] once you pull out the ‘R,’ ‘F’ or ‘C’ word, or otherwise verbally or physically assault our team, all bets are off.”

At last count, the Facebook post had received more than 30,000 views, more than 120 shares, and more than 150 comments expressing near-unanimous support for the center.

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