QubicaAMF Worldwide and Kegel have entered into a new licensing and manufacturing agreement, whereby Kegel becomes the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for all QubicAMF lane care and supplies products, effective immediately.

As part of the agreement, Kegel will be responsible for product development for the QubicaAMF chemical line, further investing in and innovating the line. The agreement covers the VisFlo, Reactor, Utopia, Formula ACC, Formula 388, SureSlide and PinKeeper brands worldwide, in addition to the Duster and Cleaning Cloth.

U.S. bowling center customers will continue to purchase their QubicaAMF lane care supplies directly through QubicaAMF, the QubicaAMF eShop or their authorized QubicaAMF distributor.

Internationally, customers will continue to purchase QubicaAMF chemicals through their local QubicaAMF sales office or distributor.

In addition, Kegel’s technical and pattern support team will be available to provide expert support to customers purchasing QubicaAMF lane care supplies.

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