Kegel’s Customer Service Supervisor, April Berneche, will be moving to a new position at the company as Quality Control Manager.

In her new role, Berneche will focus on all aspects of the Kegel Quality system, which includes product change requests, corrective actions, audits and quality documentation. She will be supported by an experienced team that includes two Quality Technicians, Jeremy Gossard and Kameron Benko.

Gossard will have a hands-on role in checking parts and machines as well as assisting in training new employees, handling quality documentation and improving processes. Benko will focus on ensuring lane machines meet all quality standards before shipping to customers.

“Although I love customer service and all our customers, I also enjoy learning new things and taking on challenges,” Berneche said. “I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow at Kegel as I pass along the Customer Service Department into good hands.”

Tawni Vollmer will replace Berneche April as Customer Service Supervisor. Berneche will focus on training Vollmer and continue to work in customer service during the transition to avoid any negative impact on customers.

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