Except perhaps when it comes to federal spending, $7 million is a lot of money no matter how you look at it. Now, the USBC Scholarship Management and Account Reporting for Tenpins program is making an investment earnings allocation of $7 million to provide additional scholarships for youth bowlers. That matches the largest investment earnings allocation in SMART history.

Included in this allocation is approximately $3.6 million in bonus scholarships to the 3,707 active SMART recipients ($980 per student), $2.2 million in new SMART deposited unassigned funds for providers to allocate and $1.2 million set aside for the new SMART Pell Grant Match. Applications for the Pell Grant Match will be accepted through the end of the year or until the $1.2 million in funding is exhausted.

“The SMART Pell Grant Match provides a new and innovative way for USBC’s SMART program to help students in financial need within our bowling community,” said Frank Wilkinson, chair of the USBC SMART Committee. “We encourage everyone involved in USBC programming to help with awareness about this new grant. Our challenge will be reaching our former youth bowlers to let them know about this fantastic opportunity.”

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