After being in the business for the better part of a decade, David Carmichael says he knew that his future in the industry required embracing the bowling-anchored entertainment center model. So he moved his family to Wake Forest, N.C., and opened Strike and Barrel in the downtown area in November 2019.

It’s housed in space formerly occupied by Brooks Street Bowl and an adjacent business, and the renovation enabled Carmichael to offer eight lanes of bowling, a huge arcade, food and drinks.

Now, an expansion of the business, from 11,500 square feet to nearly 25,000, will enable Carmichael to add attractions and elevate the food program. Additions will include six lanes of duckpin bowling; a large turf area where guests can play cornhole, fowling and other games; and a new gaming area that will include bocce, Life-Size Pong, shuffleboard and Snookkball (think: soccer meets pool).

By embracing a modular concept for the expansion, Strike and Barrel will be able to host multiple groups simultaneously in various seating configurations.

“I am 100% convinced this is where we are supposed to be, and the obstacles and delays will just make it all the more worth it in the end,” Carmichael said, speaking of the COVID-related issues that delayed the project by two years. “We are insanely excited to be so close to the end and be able to provide Wake Forest with the bowling-anchored entertainment facility it deserves.” 

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