Winners Charlotte Powell and Staci Harrington collected $3,000.

Fifteen cashing teams shared a total of $19.475 in prize money.

But the big winner in the 2022 Xtravaganza tournament was the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, Texas, which benefited by a record $102,560 — the first time the event has generated a six-figure donation in its 11-year history.

Doubles teams in the Xtravaganza rolled eight games over two days at the Red Rock Bowling Center in Las Vegas. But these were no ordinary bowling games. There was a different format for each, ranging from difficult to downright devious, most the brainchild of Nebraska proprietor John Losito. With some variables, up to 10 points were available per frame, with either a gutter ball or a strike resulting in a score of 0 for the frame.

Participants also had the opportunity to purchase high-end bottles of wine, packed in mystery bags, for a $20 donation; take part in a bingo session for cash prizes; win bonus cash on the lanes via brackets; and win bowling balls and other prizes, donated by industry partners, via drawing.

The final standings: 1. Charlotte Powell-Staci Herrington, 1088, $3,000; 2. Jackie Wyckoff-Terri Stynes, 1035, $2,300; 3. Brenda Burns-Gary Estep, 2021, $2,000; 4. Tyler and Suzana Jensen, 1019, $1.750; 5. Jason Fabish-Nicole Sheppard, 1017, $1,500; 6. Edward Wojcik-William Lannen, 997, $1,300; 7. (tie) Krislyn Tyler-Andrew DeJaynes and Dan Sheppard-Mike Raccuglia, 994, $1,037.50 each team; 9. (tie) Jamie Brooks-Al Blough and Brian Panicucci-Jason Vance, 988, $875 each team; 11. Cheryl Brandstrom-Lori Medina, 987, $825; 12. Gary Schenk-Tyler Herreman, 986, $800; 13. Vernette Curtis-Doug Robertson, 985, $750; 14. Ron Plander-Jesse Hansen, 975, $725; 15. Brian Borowski-Anne Jowsey, 971, $700.

The dates have already been set for the 2023 Xtravaganza at Red Rock: June 2-4. Email jackie@bpaa.com for early entry information.

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