Products & Services – October 2022

Steltronic has released a new version of its online reservation booking in conjunction with Focus automatic scoring. Customers can book birthday or corporate parties, as well as individual lanes, from their mobile device, tablet or any computer via an easier and improved process. Leagues and prior bookings will not be in conflict with any new online bookings. Customers pay in advance with a credit card, and the reservation is available at the front desk within 30 seconds of the card’s approval.

Switch Genie is a comprehensive scoring system from Switch Bowling. The newly designed scoring consoles offer a unique look and fun experience for customers. The system provides scoring, building avatars, games, fun animations and more. The structure itself features a color-coordinated system that illuminates the base — red when the lane is off and green when it’s time to bowl. Switch Bowling USA now has 100% financing available.

Game-changing improvements have been made on a core game from LAI Games. Virtual Rabbids: Ultra HD provides a magical and memorable experience with its 5K resolution headset, more powerful graphics and updated, next-gen D-Box motion hardware. It’s a must have for game operators according to Ron Mroz, Global Group Product Manager for LAI.

Conqueror Web is a fully integrated web booking system designed to drive bowling entertainment and nudge guests to spend more. Guests can see all your programs, making it easy for them to assemble their perfect bowling experience. Showcase food and beverage, activities and non-bowling extras. Even tailor add-on options to match web offers so guests can quickly find complementary items that add to their average spend before they’ve even walked through your door. Centers select from a variety of visual themes.

When it comes to booth and banquette seating, Venue Industries offers custom soft seating design, design consultations and furniture layouts to bowling centers and family entertainment centers. Choose from different seat types, tufting styles, leg styles and finishes to create something uniquely on brand for your business.

Andamiro and the MLB Players Association have teamed up to present a new baseball video game for arcades and family entertainment centers. Bobblehead Baseball is Andamiro’s latest “videdemption” game that pits arcade gamers against the bobble-headed avatars of MLB’s biggest stars in a fast-action, wholesome game that awards tickets. To encourage repeat participation, a grand-slam bonus is progressive, preserving the most recent spelling status until the big-ticket prize is won and reset. 

Get guests to the fun faster with the Sync Service Kiosk. The fully integrated automated technology reduces wait times, streamlines ordering and improves accuracy while offering the instant gratification your guests seek. The consistent sales presentation with optional upselling increases spend per visit. By reducing the demands on the front desk staff, centers can redeploy employees to compensate for staffing challenges. Proprietors report that the Sync Service Kiosk can save them two to three staff members during peak periods.

Fun socks for Halloween-loving bowlers are available from Expert Hosiery. Expert socks look great at the lanes and in loafers. Centers also are selling bowling logo socks to gain extra cash, and proprietors may mix and match Athletic and Glow Bowling Socks by the dozen.  

Because design is the silent ambassador of your brand, Omega can help custom design and brand a center’s logo in most any carpet choice. Contact the company for samples or have Omega design something custom. Also available is the company’s newest design: Pulse Bowl.

Brunswick’s StringPin is engineered to be reliable, economical and easy to operate, with the ability to upgrade to meet centers’ evolving needs. It features a simple design with fewer moving parts, a touchscreen with intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art safety features. It’s so easy to use that it can be operated and maintained by any staff member, enabling proprietors to redeploy the mechanic to focus on other priorities. StringPin uses three-phase power and smart technology that runs motors only when needed, so it uses less energy. An on-demand pinsetting feature enables bowlers to enjoy games and league training features that require complex pin arrangements.

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