Products & Services – November 2022

The new Style Series from Switch offers a sleek and sophisticated design for the modern age. This series is suitable for any location or atmosphere, from reception areas and lounges to the bowling concourse. The Style Series is fully customizable and available in a range of stylish colors to suit any decor or atmosphere. Style seating is built for longevity and durability, as well as eye-popping style.

Looking for something new and different for your crane games to entice your guests? BMI has introduced its own Surprise Box Crane Kit. There are six different boxes in the assortment to attract all ages: the Gamer, Fast Food, Squish, Fidget, Unicorn and Ninja — all with their own trendy designed box. Each box includes five surprises inside, and the 72-piece Crane Kit also includes a custom-designed poster to hang inside your crane.

Service First Processing specializes in payment solutions for FECs and BECs. The company works with today’s most popular systems and industry hardware to offer seamless integrations into POS systems, kiosks and accounting software. SFP has merchants in all 50 states and throughout Canada. The average savings for SFP customers is 15% in processing costs, according to the company.

Manage labor challenges, improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience with Brunswick’s Sync center operating system. Sync’s collection of automated hospitality solutions — including OrderNow, Service Kiosk, Online Ordering, Online Reservations and OpenLane mobile app — leverage technology and allow guests to interact with technology, staff or a mix of both as they prefer. By empowering guests to guide their own visits, Sync lets centers provide a more personalized experience while taking pressure off staff. 

Drive foot traffic and sales to your bowling center through geofencing with Restaurant The company specializes in equipping advanced location-based advertising with campaigns that help generate new and return customers; show ads via streaming TV, mobile apps and browsers; attract customers from other bowling centers and competitors; find new employees, and more. It’s all totally trackable, with measurable results at a proprietor’s fingertips. Packages are available for every size budget.

Astro Carpet Mills introduces its newest carpet: Star Bound. This fun and exciting pattern will transform a dreary bowling alley into an FEC masterpiece. Star Bound features Astro’s Stain Away stain protection and XT enhanced nylon fiber.

New JBL Live Free NC+ TWS Noise Canceling Earbuds are now available at 25% below retail. PIA Products has thousands of pieces available to ship now. JBL Signature Sound 6.8-mm dynamic drivers support extraordinary sound, and offer active noise canceling with smart ambient — no noise, distractions or talk without taking the earbuds out using TalkThru.

EDGE Free-Fall is the next-generation free-fall pinspotter from QubicaAMF, and technicians both experienced and new to bowling can learn to operate and service the machines. Features include Tech Wizard, real-time operational alerts and guidance, scheduled maintenance notification and guidance, an extensive video library resource, cloud-based monitoring that automatically captures performance and intervention data and makes it instantly viewable, and more.

Steltronic Scoring products never become obsolete as the company continues to offer replacement hardware such as LCD monitors, lane computers, camera upgrades and front-desk systems that are running older versions of Windows. Steltronic will help with upgrading hardware as needed, rather than replacing an entire scoring system. The company continues to support centers with free technical support, free software and free updates, and has never sent out a notice that its scoring system has reached its “end of life.”

The GS NXT is the next generation of free fall GS Series pinsetters from Brunswick. The GS NXT delivers all the advantages of GS Series pinsetters, with improvements designed to reduce labor requirements, enhance the guest experience, reduce the cost of ownership and provide peace of mind. It provides improved access to all motors and drivetrain from the lane surface for ease of maintenance and improved safety. The pinsetter is easily serviceable by staff members who aren’t career-long bowling mechanics, equipped with integrated self-diagnostics and easy-to-read LCD displays that simplify troubleshooting

New turnkey LED Video Masking Systems from DFX create an amazing high-definition video playback solution for any number of lanes. The system uses bright, high-resolution LED panels with dynamic windowing video processing and automated control. It will provide the “wow” factor for any family entertainment center.

Redemption Plus is building a redemption room, designed by its in-house studio and built by one of its industry partners, at the IAAPA Expo this month. Attendees can see the company’s end-to-end services and products in action as Redemption Plus is showcasing its expanded product line in full force, along with its custom imprint capabilities and crane products. In addition, Redemption Plus is hosting redemption merchandising workshops (20-30 minutes each) at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day.

Raw Thrills has been making amazing driving games for the last few decades, from “The Fast and the Furious” to “Drift” to “SuperCars” to “Cruis’n Blast,” the company’s biggest driver ever. For each new simulator, the goal is to blow away everything that came before. “Fast & Furious Arcade” features THRILL-D motion, killer five-channel audio, a sparkling LED-bejeweled driving cockpit and two 65-inch UHD screens. You name it — it’s there and more.

Venue Industries is a prominent furniture manufacturer for bowling centers and FECs. Venue offers custom product design, furniture layouts and design consultations. With such a diverse product mix, the company is able to provide furniture for the entire facility — common areas, bowling lanes, dining areas, party rooms and VIP lanes. You name it and Venue Industries
can build it.

Christmas Bowling Socks for bowling fanatics are available from Expert Hosiery. The socks look great at the lanes and in loafers, and make fun stocking stuffers. They’re available in teens/ladies and men’s sizes. Centers are selling bowling logo socks for extra revenue, and can mix and match athletic and glow bowling socks by the dozen. Expert Hosiery/Funtime Footwear is a popular athletic sock supplier for bowling centers and FECs. 

Omega can master the art of creating a unique flooring design and brand with colorful colors that will stand out in any facility. Contact the company to unleash a branded signature style. Pattern design shown: Sony.

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