If Jaelynn Hoehnen isn’t the youngest bowling center proprietor in the world, at 22 she’s certainly among the youngest. And now she has become a member of the Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin Board of Directors.

Hoehnen, the owner and operator of Sunset Bowl in Waukesha, Wis., was appointed by BCAW President Hank Posnanski Jr. to fill Daniel Patterson’s vacant director position after Patterson was elected vice president of the association. Her appointment was unanimously approved by the BCAW board at its winter meeting on Dec. 12 at New Berlin Ale House in New Berlin, Wis.

Hoehnen is a graduate of Carroll University, known as “Wisconsin’s Pioneer College,” in Waukesha, where she majored in business administration. She stepped into the proprietor role at Sunset Bowl last summer following years of gaining experience in the bowling business by handing out shoes and cleaning tables since she was a youngster. Her father, Michael Hoehnen, has owned Sunset Bowl since 1999 and is now stepping back, ready to hand over the proprietor reigns.

“My father purchased Sunset Bowl six months before I was born, so it’s safe to say that I’ve been involved in bowling my whole life,” Hoehnen said. “Growing up, my goal was to take over the center from my Dad. That childhood dream came true for me in July. As a proprietor, I want to continue the success that my Dad created at Sunset Bowl and promote the sport of bowling.” 

In addition to her bowling business experience, Hoehnen brings years of experience as a highly-competitive player.

“I grew up bowling in junior leagues, middle school, high school bowling, Junior Gold and basically every other scholarship tournament I could make it to,” she said. “I’ve continued to bowl in leagues, compete in city, state and national tournaments, and I plan to for as long as I can.” 

She also bowled for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater women’s team and has certified 300 games and an 800 series to her credit.

“We’re excited to have Jaelynn join us on our board of directors,” said Posnanski. “We’re looking forward to her bringing to the table a fresh perspective and bold, new ideas. Jaelynn is a smart, young person who has been involved with the sport of bowling as a competitor and who also knows the business side of bowling.”

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