Pro Shop Marketplace – January 2023

The Incredible series is back with the Incredible Giant. The Giant has the popular Incredible core wrapped inside Elastic-E filler, but this time with the RVR 4 coverstock featured on the Graffiti Pop, Big Bro K.O. and Big Bro Big Guns. At 4000 sanded, the Incredible Giant is a versatile asymmetrical ball that will take any surface changes to get that perfect look on both house and tough patterns.

The newest predator in MOTIV’s vicious Jackal line, the Jackal Ambush, will catch opponents off guard with its strength and control of its environment. The ball features a new coverstock system, Leverage Solid Reactive, formulated to be smoother downlane and stronger in the oil than the Coercion systems previously used for this ball motion. This is the most aggressive coverstock system ever developed in the MOTIV line. 

The Columbia 300 Explosion is a new mid-priced ball with a ton of performance. The Explosion uses the proven Resurgence core that has been a staple in the Columbia 300 line since 2007. The versatile Resurgence core is paired with Reflex Hybrid and finished at 2000 grit, making the Explosion an excellent benchmark piece. 

The Sensor is strategically designed to handle medium to drier conditions and fit just below the Kinetic Black Ice in the Track line. The new Regulator symmetric core, paired with DR-6 Pearl, provides easy length and a strong backend reaction. The Sensor brings even more performance and versatility to the Track line. 

The Envision Pearl introduces the HyperKinetic 22 base cover into the Ebonite line. The innovative HK22 had been released only in a shiny version, but the new Envision Pearl has a 3000 Siaair finish, providing more mid-lane read and creating a reaction that will fill a gap in most bowlers’ arsenals. Envision Pearl fulfills the Ebonite promise of offering more performance and value. 

The DV8 Brutal Collision has gained attention for its outrageous colors and performance. The proven Collision core and new HK22 cover base make the Brutal Collision what could be the biggest DV8 sleeper on the market today. Check out DV8’s social-media pages to watch reaction videos.

The Bigfoot Hybrid is the first-ever symmetrical ball to feature the HK22. The ball is stronger overall than its counterpart, the Bigfoot, and it’s also more responsive to friction, giving bowlers a Bigfoot that hooks and flips more than the original. 

New BSI Dash roller bags are available in single, double and triple ball options and six colors. Single rollers now have a locking handle as well as a shoulder strap. Double and triple rollers have hook-and-loop straps to secure the balls in place and reinforced end handles for lifting. Each bag has a separate shoe compartment and a personal organizer front pocket.

Highly absorbent VISE Logo Shammy Pads will remove lane oil from one’s ball between shots for maximum performance and fit in the hand perfectly. They’re now available in seven colors: black, red, blue, purple, pink, orange and yellow. 

The Brunswick Quest double and triple rollers are available in two colors and offer premium features. The stylish, durable and affordable luxury bags have multiple pockets on each side and a large shoe and accessory compartment on the front. The Quest bags will hold all of a bowler’s gear with room to spare. 

The new Hammer Diesel performance shoe — available in right-hand, right-hand wide and left-hand — offers comfort, durability and style. The shoe comes with everything needed for a bowler to perform their best on the lanes, and is designed with high-end materials that require minimal break-in.

The USA Shammy from KR Strikeforce comes in navy/red, measures 8 inches by 10 inches, and is highly effective at removing oil. Featuring high-density leather on both sides, the Shammy restores a tacky feel for better ball performance. Twelve specialty designs are available.

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