Equipment installation for Bowling Center TV is expected to begin in quarters 2-4 now that formal financing and revenue agreements have been signed.

Strike Ten Entertainment President John Harbuck said that well over 800 centers across the country were “in process” for the new service, which enables proprietors to deliver a better customer experience by providing engaging and relevant content to guests.

Installation agreements will be sent to qualifying centers, and once they’re signed, each BCTV center will receive a $1,000 incentive check and a site-mapping visit will be scheduled to finalize installation plans.  

BCTV Network centers will receive Cisco equipment and multiple Samsung screens for installation at no cost.

Planned programming includes current sports news, entertainment news and bowling highlights, giving center customers something to watch as they bowl, eat and drink.

Recurring revenues from national advertising sales will be shared by BCTV centers, and proprietors also may sell and upload local advertising and keep 100% of the revenues.

“A great deal of planning and work went into the Bowling Center TV project,” said Harbuck, “so it’s exciting to see this BCTV Network come to fruition.”

He added that proprietors may still join the program by contacting Jay Trietley at or 817-385-8444.

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