The International Bowling Media Association has selected Mark London for its Luby Hall of Fame Award, Fran Deken for the Alberta E. Crowe Meritorious Service Award, Dave DeLorenzo for its Mike Hennessy Award of Merit, and Carmen Salvino for its Rip Van Winkle Award.

London has developed into a multimedia reporter and storyteller since his first bowling news story, a Charlie Tapp feature for his college television station in 1984. Later that year, he earned a broadcast degree from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota and, enhanced by his own high-level bowling background, landed commentating roles for a local league and PBA Midwest Regional finals activity broadcast on local cable in the 1990s. He was the first to commentate on all four major bowling live-stream services.

Besides his professional radio work, London began a mostly bowling-themed column that has been picked up by bowling publications since 1998. The subject of his “Just Paying Attention” column received additional national attention from the ABC quarterly magazine Bowling when it featured his “Top 25 TV Bowling Moments” list.

Plans called for recipients to be honored during the USBC Convention on April 26 in Las Vegas.

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