Products & Services – May 2023

Embed has introduced STATS, a new data visualization dashboard designed to change the way FEC operators analyze reports. Developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, STATS helps FECs transform guest experiences, improve operational efficiency and boost revenue-using data. Its in-depth, dynamic, visualized data reporting is built with AWS’s global cloud infrastructure for accessibility, security and low latency.

All BMI Merchandise products arrive with bar codes containing important tracking information. Centers can expedite their process by having the item code, picture, description and point values in hand. Staff members will be able to handle new merchandise with ease and customers will keep coming back for fun. BMI’s AMRS (Automated Merchandise Replenishment System) redemption technology saves both time and money.

StringPin by Brunswick is a versatile, commercial-grade string pinsetter. Brunswick engineered StringPin to be reliable, economical and easy to operate, with the ability to upgrade to meet a center’s evolving needs. It’s easy to operate, featuring a simple design with fewer moving parts, a touchscreen with intuitive user-interface, and state-of-the-art safety features. Realistic pin action and consistent scoring enhance guest satisfaction. Brunswick’s exclusive on-demand pinsetting feature enables bowlers to enjoy games and league-training features that require complex pin arrangements. StringPin meets International Bowling Federation specifications for sport leagues and tournament play.

The Flip 6 Waterproof Speaker in teal was engineered to deliver loud, crystal-clear, powerful sound. With optimized dual-passive radiators for deep bass, the Flip 6 comes in other vibrant colors that look great in an E-Claw, Key Master, Winner’s Cube or Benchmark’s Prize-O-Matic. PIA Products provides many high-end consumer products to enhance a center’s redemption product offering and overall guest satisfaction.

Sureshot Redemption is fully stocked with all of a center’s redemption needs, as well as a custom branding program to promote one’s business. The company can provide a bowling center’s custom logo on items such as these new Bowling Pin Sippers that families can enjoy and will leave lasting memories of their favorite entertainment destination.

Fly’n Ducks is an engaging experience that’s at the right challenge level for adults but is still suitable for teens and younger. It packages the excitement of duckpin bowling into a smaller footprint, making it an ideal anchor attraction for FECs. Fly’n Ducks utilizes the power of QubicaAMF’s BES X Bowler Entertainment System and the EDGE String pinspotter, enabling guests to enjoy a fun social attraction and centers to benefit from low operational costs, maximizing profitability. 

The compact and easy-to-handle Duckpin Bowling product from US Bowling Corporation is appealing to all ages and skill levels, making it an ideal addition to any bowling center or FEC. Duckpin Bowling delivers all the excitement, fun and competition of traditional bowling in a smaller size, making it perfect for venues with limited space. Vintage synthetic lanes provide a timeless feel, while the PULSE Scoring Entertainment System enhances the experience with interactive scoring and immersive graphics. 

Augmented-reality game company Valo Motion has released a new space-themed AR game called Astro Blade. Six people can play on the company’s interactive ValoArena gaming platform. Players become virtual holograms who fight each other in a spaceship hangar with futuristic laser swords, shields and spears. Astro Blade is aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds, but the game is enjoyed by both teens and young adults as well. It’s a safe game in which players can feel like superheroes.

Outstanding performance, flexibility and show-stopping style are embodied in Center Stage furniture from Brunswick. The Center Stage line includes a wide variety of modular and freestanding components that can be arranged in practically infinite ways to meet a center’s needs. Onlane Dining layouts bring food and beverage to the lanes, with plenty of space to have a full meal. Shoes and personal items can be stored under the tables, and tables can be attached to the floor or free standing. Scoring can be added as well.

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