Keith Oliver wins National Bowling Foundation’s Teacher of the Year award

Incorporating the sport of bowling into his student’s physical education modules has earned Shalimar Elementary school teacher, Keith Oliver, the BPAA’s National Bowling Foundation’s Teacher of the Year this May. Oliver was picked out of 55 applicants spanning across 44 states. The award is given to an educator who has made an exceptional contribution by exposing youth to the sport of bowling through the Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling Program, a program administered through the Bowling Foundation and BPAA. 

He told the NWF Daily News that part of the time the students learn the sport of bowling at the school with equipment that Oliver earned through a grant, the other portion they spend at the White Sands Bowling Center in Fort Walton Beach, FL, a partner in the school’s bowling program. He also shows the students alternate sports such as archery and bicycling and ties them to subjects like math and science. 

Oliver has also taught lifetime sports like the BPAA’s In-School bowling program in the Okaloosa School District for the past 20 years. Oliver also operates several webpages for students to learn facts and other information on the sport of bowling and has written a book on bowling that includes science, technology, engineering, and math elements. 

“The Bowling Foundation is excited to present Keith Oliver with the Educator of the Year award,” said Bowling Foundation President, Nancy Shenk,

“We are thrilled to recognize his contribution to the sport of bowling this year and for years to come, including parts of his Bowling the In-School Way with Lessons in Science and Math book to the Bowler’s Ed teacher’s curriculum.” 

The BPAA’s National Bowling Foundation mission is to “To provide educational programs that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle while building confidence and teaching the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance through the sport of bowling.”

The Bowling Foudation and the BPAA teamed up to create the In-School Bowling program, designed to help elementary and junior high school physical education teachers teach the sport of bowling to their students. To learn more about the In-School Bowling Program, visit:

For more information about the BPAA, visit: 

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