A few months after purchasing Murrey International, US Bowling Corporation has become a major shareholder of Power Gamma, SRL in Poviglio, Italy.

Power Gamma is a noted electronics and manufacturing company that is bringing 24-volt technology to the bowling business.

Over the last six years, Power Gamma has been developing a state-of-the-art 24-Volt String Machine and a 24-Volt Conversion Kit for AMF 82-70 and 82-90XL machines. The company debuted both the string machine and the conversion kits at the 2016 International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas.

It has been Power Gamma’s goal to design electronically controlled 24-volt technology that would provide bowling center owners with substantial savings on their electrical expenses.

“After years of development and testing, Power Gamma has created that technology,” said David Frewing, President of US Bowling Corporation, “and we are so proud to be a part of it.”

Many centers today are being built with fewer lanes and thus do not need a full-time bowling technician, Frewing noted.

“Our string machines are now the perfect choice for these centers,” he said. “With drastically reduced power consumption and no need for a full-time service technician, US Bowling will put real dollars back into the bowling center’s bottom line.”

Frewing called the string machine “the safest pinsetting machine in the world. With only 24 volts supplied to the machines, it makes servicing them much safer.” It also positions US Bowling as a leader in green technology.

Both 24-volt systems will continue to be manufactured in Poviglio, providing US Bowling and Power Gamma two primary points of distribution for the world market.

Poviglio is located in north-central Italy in the province of Reggio Emilia.

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