The United States Bowling Congress has installed the Sync Prima center operating system by Brunswick at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas.

“Brunswick is the official capital equipment supplier for the USBC Open and Women’s Championships,” noted Lou Marquez, the ITRC’s Pro Shop Manager. “The tournament staff’s positive experience using Sync for our largest events made everyone comfortable that it would be a good fit for the training center as well. With Sync in the ITRC, USBC has more flexibility to test integration with our tournament management software right here on campus.”

The ITRC frequently hosts elite tournaments and is the training home to Team USA. Recent events at there have included the PBA Hall of Fame Classic, PWBA Kickoff Classic Series, and SWAC Bowling Championship. ITRC also hosts the annual Bowling Combine Athlete Assessment Program for college prospects, which provides athletes with an objective evaluation of their skills and reports that condensed, comprehensive data to college coaches.

Competitive bowlers benefit from Sync’s myShot spare trainer feature, which lets bowlers pick and repeat attempts at a favorite spare pattern and is ideal for advanced bowlers who want to refine their techniques. The feature is available exclusively on Sync and is compatible with GS-X pinsetters, which offer on-demand pinsetting in any pin combination.

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