Entries are being accepted for the 37th annual Bowling Center Architecture and Design Awards Competition, now under the auspices of the industry’s leading business magazine, Bowling Center Management (BCM).

Formerly a Bowlers Journal International initiative, the competition was inaugurated to encourage the building and modernization of bowling-based facilities around the world.

BCM is moving the competition to a calendar-year time frame, but during this transition year, it is open to projects completed between Oct. 17, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2021.

Following consultation with industry partners, the competition categories have been revised to more accurately reflect the current bowling marketplace. The four categories for consideration are:

• Traditional Center — Defined as a center focused almost exclusively on bowling, with only a few other amenities (such as a snack bar, a pool table, a few video games, etc.).

• Boutique Center — Defined as a venue with bowling lanes and other amenities that appeal primarily to an adult audience, perhaps but not necessarily with a “nightclub” feel.

• Family Entertainment Center — Defined as an entertainment venue with multiple attractions, including bowling lanes, that appeals primarily to families.

• Hybrid Center — Defined as a venue that that marries aspects of a boutique center and a family entertainment center to appeal to a wider demographic.

While the centers will be judged for the totality of their design and architectural features, special recognition also will be given in these four areas: 1. exterior; 2. interior; 3. lounge/restaurant; and 4. ancillary profit (such as VIP lanes, game room/arcade; billiard room, pro shop, etc.). In other words, an existing center need not have been modernized throughout to be eligible to enter the competition.

Domestic centers and centers outside the United States be will judged in separate divisions.

A fillable PDF entry form with complete rules and submission instructions is available here on bcmmag.com, or email BCM Associate Publisher Barb Peltz at barb@bpaa.com for assistance.

Winning centers will be featured in the April and May 2022 issues of BCM.

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