Turbo Bowling Accessories has announced the 2022 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo will take place in at Columbus Square Bowling Palace in Columbus, Ohio, on June 15-16 in conjunction with the Storm Youth Championships Super Slam. Attendees will receive on-lane and classroom instruction from industry coaches and staff players, and participate in a three-game sweeper tournament.

The Expo attracts college bowling coaches from across the country, giving families an opportunity to meet coaches and discuss scholarship opportunities. The coaches who attend receive a recruiting portfolio of all athletes, with college eligibility, academics and other bowling stats and achievements. A coach also can set up an information booth for athletes to visit.

“The primary focus of the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo remains to bridge the gap between high school and collegiate bowling,” said Turbo Marketing Director Lori Mraz. “I believe we as an industry have come a long way in developing youth bowling programs, but there still remains a need to help bring athletes, parents and coaches together to assess opportunities in collegiate bowling.”

The Collegiate Expo began in 2011 and has since helped more than 1,500 student-athletes make meaningful connections with college bowling programs. It began as a prelude to the Junior Gold Championships, which made it practical and convenient for athletes, families and coaches already attending Junior Gold to participate. However, the growth of Junior Gold, which has included format and duration changes to help compensate for its expansion, has made it difficult to host the Collegiate Expo during the same time period. Now, the event will move to late spring alongside the SYC, another popular youth bowling initiative created by Storm Bowling. The SYC Ohio event is scheduled for June 16-19 and is one of nine events across nine states on the 2022 SYC schedule. 

“The Storm Youth Championships is happy to partner with one of our sponsors, Turbo Grips, and connect the Collegiate Expo to the SYC Super Slam,” said Leanne Hulsenberg, who serves as Tournaments and Events Manager for Storm Products. “In addition to the physical and mental game seminars by the industry’s best coaches, the Collegiate Expo is a fantastic resource for youth bowlers and parents who are seeking information about opportunities in collegiate bowling. Whether a bowler chooses to attend the Collegiate Expo, the SYC or both, it will be an exciting week in Columbus.”

SYC events award scholarships and offer three age-based divisions (12 and under, 15 and under and 18-and-under) of competition for boys and girls. For more information, visit For Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo registration, visit

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