Products & Services – March 2023

Raceway Alley, a new bowling adventure game, is now available from Scarb Enterprises. Players barrel down straightaways and hit turns just right to edge ahead of their opponents. The gameplay challenges one’s shot-making and adaptability as they race toward the finish line, striving to stay ahead of the competition. A single pin could prove the difference between victory and defeat in Raceway Alley.

Centers can manage labor challenges, improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience with Brunswick’s Sync center operating system. Sync’s collection of automated hospitality solutions — including OrderNow, Service Kiosk, Online Ordering, Online Reservations and OpenLane mobile app — lets centers do more with the staff they have. These on-demand, self-service tools enable guests to interact with technology, staff or a mix of both, as they prefer.

Omega Carpet helps centers master the art of creating a unique flooring design and brand with classy colors, whether the carpet be non-glow or glow. The Uptown pattern is just one that can make a center stand out in a crowd.

Centers can use the full-size 39-inch guitar kit for beginners and enthusiasts alike to drive arcade game play. The guitar features lightweight construction and a detachable carry handle. PIA Products provides numerous high-end consumer products that are sure to enhance a center’s product offering and overall guest satisfaction.

Pepsico has introduced Starry, a new caffeine-free soda that provides a crisp, clear burst of lemon-lime flavor. This amazing new formula recently launched nationally in both full and zero sugar on fountains. Starry will become the lead lemon-lime proposition in the PepsiCo portfolio in all formats as Sierra Mist is phased out.

Venue Industries has created a custom sofa configuration for Your 3rd Spot, an experiential FEC in Atlanta. Working with Whitlock Design Group, Venue designed a one-of-a-kind seating arrangement for the bowling lanes. Each sofa utilizes six commercial-grade fabrics, expertly paired to create a memorable statement piece. Venue Industries specializes in engaging furniture designs that can be customized via dimensions, tufting style, fabrics and laminates/powder coats.

Conqueror Web is a fully integrated web booking system designed to drive bowling entertainment and nudge guests to spend more. Guests can see all of a center’s programs, making it easy for them to assemble their perfect bowling experience. Showcase food and beverage, activities and non-bowling extras, and even tailor add-on options to match web offers so guests can quickly find complementary items that add to their average spend.

A&A’s Stretch and Mold is a popular redemption prize line. Whether it’s a shark, pig, bulldog, watermelon, banana or dinosaur, guests can just grab and stretch it in any way they want. They can even stretch each prize into a different shape and mold it in almost any way.

The smash hit MotoGP makes a triumphant return to the arcade with a new full-tilt, full-throttle thrill ride. Remastered for an ultra-realistic, 360-degree VR experience, MotoGP VR features an authentic MotoGP motorcycle available in four colors, 10 updated international circuits, 12 remodeled bikes, superstar riders like Fabio Quartararo, attractive LED lighting, a mounted wind simulator, and the option to link up to eight cabinets for multiplayer races.

Steltronic has revised its ball storage and table with all of the extra room needed in the settee area, space for 12 bowling balls, and the included tabletop for food and beverages. Add in the optional Steltronic keypad for controlling two lanes from one tabletop, plus room for the pizza and drinks, and bowlers will appreciate the new design.

Argyle Bowl (weathered) from Astro Carpet Mills creates a nostalgic motif for an updated center. It’s made with Astro’s exclusive XT Enhanced Nylon and Stain Away Stain protection. Astro can customize it for a center, too.

MAX features Brunswick’s patented Direct+ Conditioning system in a Cloud-enabled lane machine. Its technology stack accommodates frequent software updates, access to an extensive pattern library and communication with Brunswick support staff — all wirelessly through Brunswick Cloud. These Wi-Fi enabled features enable new tools and features to be pushed to the global network of MAXs in real time.

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