Products & Services – February 2023

Get your heart going with one of Omega Carpet’s pattern designs shown here. Both Pulse Bowl and Watch Your Step are guaranteed to excite a center’s customers. Contact Omega for more information or to request samples.

Venue Industries has built custom booths and banquettes for more than 10 years. High-quality materials and good design create a durable product, and Venue’s booths and banquettes always come with a seven-year structural warranty. The furniture designs are space efficient, budget friendly and group oriented. Proprietors can customize any booth by choosing dimensions, tufting style, fabrics and laminates/powder coats.

Today’s consumers expect their bowling experience to incorporate the kinds of technology they use every day. Brunswick Bowling’s Spark delivers all that and more, with a proven return on investment and increased revenues. Spark immersive interactive bowling surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience for which guests are willing to pay more. Designed for casual and novice bowlers alike, Spark games give all bowlers a chance to win.

US Bowling Corporation’s FLEX seating furniture line is designed to accommodate a center’s unique floor plan and design preferences. There’s something to meet virtually any aesthetic, as the sofa blends form and comfort with stylish design and custom. Whatever one’s vision for a bowling installation — whether it’s a home bowling alley or a new family entertainment center — US Bowling provides the furnishings needed to bring a vision to life.

Steltronic’s Focus-NEX scoring system is now interfaced with REX Online Bookings, Crunchy, Unreal Bowling, POSITouch, deal, Embed, Intercard, Micros, Semnox and many others. With the popularity of many different POS systems for food and beverage, Steltronic Focus software is now interfaced with 19 companies, enabling cashiers to open lanes, rent shoes and manage pool tables, POS products, alcohol pouring controls and more.

Duckpin is an exciting and fun bowling game traditionally played on a standard tenpin bowling lane using a smaller ball and unique bowling pins, called duckpins. QubicaAMF has taken this highly competitive format and scaled it down to create an ideal social attraction for the modern venue. Fly’n Ducks is the engaging experience that provides the right challenge level for adults but is still suitable for teens and younger guests. Plus, Fly’n Ducks now utilizes the power of the BES X Bowler Entertainment System and the EDGE String pinspotter, so a center can deliver the experience at a low operational cost, maximizing profitability. 

Now, proprietors can manage their bowling centers and BECs with ease using a cloud-based software called Mettagrow. One needs only a smartphone or tablet to use it. The main objective of Mettagrow is to streamline the daily operations and maintenance of centers. It brings transparency and control to the business owner and/or operator. Key features include asset management, spare parts and inventory management, preventive maintenance, issue management, inspections and audits, a secured internal chat system, utility management and grievance management.

Expert Hosiery and Funtime Footwear have brought back several sock styles that look great at the lanes and in loafers. Available in men’s, women’s and teen sizes, they’re helping centers grow profits with a new revenue stream. Centers can mix and match athletic and glow bowling socks by the dozen.

Astro’s new Open Strike pattern can make a bowling center sparkle. This new design, with traditional bowling motifs and bright colors, can add excitement to any center. Open Strike is made with Astro’s XT enhanced nylon and Stain Away stain protection. Contact the company for a sample.

Quality, flexibility and show-stopping style come together in Center Stage Furniture from Brunswick. Center Stage offers seating solutions for every inch of a center — from the bar to the bowlers’ area — and tables that can be attached or free-standing. The furniture can be arranged in infinite ways to meet a center’s needs. Onlane Dining layouts keep guests at the lanes longer with plenty of space to have a full meal. Shoes and personal items can be stored under the tables and out of the way, improving the guest experience.

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