Time is running out for high school seniors who are either children or grandchildren of BPAA-member bowling center owners to apply for the 2023 Daroll and Dolores Frewing Scholarship. The application deadline is May 1.

The scholarship is overseen by the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, and the winner is selected by a special committee that reviews all applications. It carries a $25,000 value.

Daroll Frewing is the co-founder and CEO of US Bowling Corporation. He and his wife Dolores have played integral roles in the bowling manufacturing and installation business since 1959.

After building amazing relationships with many proprietors in the industry, they looked for a way to give back, and settled on the idea of supporting the children and grandchildren of bowling proprietors to further their education. They hope the scholarship will enable the selected students to move ahead with their college education and achieve the same success with which they have been blessed.

The recipients to date:

• 2020 — Andrew Amore (son of Ohio proprietors Ron and Diane Amore).

• 2021 — Avery Schenk (daughter of North Carolina proprietors Gary and Nancy Schenk).

• 2022 — Emma McCrary (daughter of Indiana proprietors Titus and Stacy McCrary).

To download a copy of the 2023 application, click here:

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