Governor J.B. Pritzker has shut down bowling in Illinois again, and many of the state’s bowling proprietors are livid.

Brad Sommer of Don Carter Lanes in Rockford — whose father, BPAA Hall of Famer John Sommer, has been at the forefront of high school bowling for decades — shared his feelings with WTVO/WQRF.

“It put our business at risk and then the high school season as well,” Sommer, who also serves as the bowling coach at Hononegah High School, said.

If a face-to-face meeting could be arranged, what would Sommer tell Governor Pritzker?

“To use some common sense. We’re doing this safely. We have a facility here of 50,000 square feet, and you’re telling me we can’t have one bowler in here? And do it safely? That’s insane.”

Added Sommer: “It’s like the governor is picking who can survive financially by industry. It’s picking and choosing the winners. That just doesn’t sit right.”

UPDATE: Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association Executive Director Bill Duff told the Lincoln Courier that he believes centers will be allowed to reopen “if things are done correctly,” but is concerned that they’ll never be able to recover lost revenue at a time of the year when business typically is brisk. “Now that we’re getting into colder weather… when people go indoors, that’s when centers are busier.” Added Duff: “I get what the state is trying to do without putting it down to a total shutdown, and we want to be good players through this whole thing, but you have to let businesses have a chance at success.” Read more here:

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